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Comer Awesome means the freshest ingredients, boldly delicious flavors and the craft of Mexican cuisine.

It means being obsessed with the details and nailing it every time. Because every bite should be the best bite and today deserves to be toasted with only the most delicious of cocktails.

So bienvenido! Explore our menus, try a few things, but most of all, have an awesome time. After all, you are what you eat. Comer Awesome .


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Making our tortillas is an absolute grind. You’re welcome!

Masa (Spanish for dough) has a shelf life like anything else. If it sits too long it becomes sour. Like with coffee and olive oil, people get used to off flavors, rancid European oil verses fresh California oil, stale ground coffee (remember when all coffee was sold pre-ground?). It’s the same with corn. Next time you’re in a restaurant with a person pressing tortillas in the dining room ask them where they get their masa and when it was ground. If they can’t answer that, you might want to reconsider your order.

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Trey Foshee

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